Weekend in Prague cemeteries

1. Franz Kafka

My relationship with Kafka began with Metamorphosis, less than a year ago. It was definitely something new and different in comparison with what I used to read up to that moment. Then I thought that may be I should try something more – just to get a better feeling of that Kafkaesque style. And so it began. The Trial, Letter to my Father, A Hunger Artist, The Castle, etc. Today, because of Kafka, I am a patient reader. I do care about those tiny details, which in themselves are a powerful and meaningful world. Today I negotiate with myself: I will start reading my next Kafka book (Amerika) only after I finish some other books in between, the list isn’t short. That’s the way I prolong the suspense and pretend not to be Kafka addicted.

Yesterday I went for a Prague tour. Visited most important buildings related to Kafka’s life. Today I visited his tomb.

If I will one day start learning German, I will do it just because of reading all his writings in original.



2. Bedrich Smetana

Besides the New Jewish Cemetery, I’ve also visited the one in Vysehrad. Main reason for that: Bedrich Smetana, the well-known Czech compositor, who wrote the breathtaking Moldau song:






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